Today, word hit the internet that there are plans for a possible "celebrity" boxing match between George Zimmerman, who killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida two years ago this month, and rapper/actor/known substance addict DMX. The problems with this are both multiple and obvious.

While many have denounced the idea of Zimmerman as a celebrity, it is worth noting that he has been featured in the media as such since even before the trial last year, during which he was acquitted of charges related to the teenager's death. His visit to the manufacturer of the gun with which he used to kill Martin was covered by outlets like TMZ, and his smiling mug has been featured all across the web as he promotes his new career as some sort of artist. He and his brother occasionally take to social media in an attempt to defend their family. Zimmerman's long, storied history of domestic disturbances has also made headlines, as his estranged wife and girlfriend have both lobbied accusations of abuse against him.

Though so much of the coverage of this person is focused on how genuinely terrible he seems to be and how devastating it is to see him being championed for being directly responsible for the death of a child, this continued tendency of the press to document his every move works to grow his celebrity, not tear away at it. At this rate, it is hard to imagine that Zimmerman will not have a reality show or documentary on his life of some sort.

Despite his acquittal, we at maintain our sincere belief that it was the actions of George Zimmerman, and not those of Trayvon Martin, that led to Martin's death in 2012. For that reason, we do not wish to make Zimmerman any more famous than he already is.

Trayvon Martin's killer does not belong in the spotlight, on gossip blogs or as a punch line on late night talk shows. He should be punished, not toasted for taking the life of a child. For that reason, will not be covering any stories related to Zimmerman, unless they relate to the continued efforts of the Martin family to seek some semblance of justice for the death of their son. We will not engage the absurdity of his "celebrity" boxing aspirations on any level other than to ask DMX and any other actual celebrity not to stoop to such disgusting levels by participating in a boxing match with this man.

We hope that other outlets, bloggers, and individuals will take the same approach and shut George Zimmerman out of the public eye, instead of giving him this continued, undeserved and sick level of attention.