Mark O'Mara and his team of lawyers for George Zimmerman will be requesting a new hearing, which Judge Kenneth Lester revoked after prosecutors produced evidence that Zimmerman misled the court about finances. The 28-year-old Florida man had been free on bond for weeks until Sunday afternoon, when he turned himself in to authorities in Seminole County, Florida. Benjamin Crump, the lead attorney for Trayvon Martin's family, told CNN on Monday the youth's parents are "relieved that the killer of their unarmed, teenage son is back in jail. They have always wanted him to stay in custody until the trial."

The former neighborhood watch volunteer and his wife told the court under oath that the family was indigent. Citing recorded jailhouse conversations, prosecutors alleged that Zimmerman had $135,000, saying Zimmerman "fully controlled and participated in the transfer of money from the PayPal account to defendant and his wife's credit union accounts. This occurred prior to the time defendant was arguing to the court that he was indigent and his wife had no money."

"If Trayvon Martin had lied to the court, we believe he would not be given a bond," Crump followed. "He would have to sit in jail until his trial, and all his parents have asked, his family … has only asked for equal justice."