Buford City Schools Superintendent Geye Hamby is at the center of a federal racial discrimination lawsuit filed by Mary Ingram.  The paraprofessional of the school district was allegedly fired without cause last year and cited prejudices and audio of Hamby using the n-word in her case.

According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, two audio recordings were included in the court filing as evidence of Hamby’s alleged racism. On one tape a person, who is believed to be the school official said, “Can you get me a, show me our general conditions how many of these deadbeat n*****s we employ?” The person continued, “Have you got more of these big n***ers than the ones from the temp service?”

The second recording Hamby allegedly expressed his frustration with the Black works by stating he would shoot or kill them. “F*** that n******! I will kill these g**damned – shoot that motherf****** if they let me,” he said. “All right. Well, check out what’s going on with all the n****** down here.”

The 66-year-old said she was fired after clashing with Hambry.

Ingram’s attorney, Ed Buckley, said the recordings were not altered and they were tested against other audio of Hamby’s voice. Buckley told 11alive, “It was sent to Ms. Ingram anonymously. We are in the course of trying to ascertain who made the recording. We are appealing to the community and the individual who made the recording to please come forward and let us know.”

Although Hamby is currently caught in this scandal, he has recieved rave reviews within the school district. “His total involvement in the schools with employees, students and parents are tops,” Philip Beard, a member of the school board, wrote in Hamby’s 2013 evaluation.