We can understand if you think we are the new Get Out paper of record. After all we clearly love this horror movie in which racism proves to be the monster.  It’s all kinds of deep, is well acted and essentially serves as a PSA against micro (and macro) aggression.

Despite our blanket coverage of this Jordan Peele masterpiece starring one of the Internet’s faves, Lil Rel Howery, we can’t NOT show you this Funny or Die spoof of the aforementioned film.

This Get Out take is NSFW so you may want to grab some ‘buds or headphones, but your co-workers will get curious as this is an LOL affair.

Kanye West, Ivanka Trump, Melania Trump, No. 45 and his legion of clueless goons (including Ben Carson aka Samuel L. Jackson’s new nemesis) are the target in this short that perfectly blends with the top-earning movie. We’re pretty sure that everyone pilloried here will be mad, but will go into another room and laugh anyway.

Anytime you have Kanye West running and the First Lady swirling a spoon in her teacup while talking about her husband’s kindness…well…comedy.

Don’t take our word for it though. Press play.  If you’re in a meeting, you might want to fake a bathroom break as we will not bear responsibility if you end up in HR for falling all the way out during an important staff announcement.

What do you think of this Get Out sketch? Funny, offensive or all of the above?  Let us know.