Each new year represents the opportunity to begin anew with a refreshed outlook on life. Before we can step into a new chapter, it's important that we let go of whatever may be wearing us down. Unbeknownst to us, this extra baggage may come in the form of commonplace, everyday items around the house.

Get your house in order by going through some of these items and weening out what's old to make space for new beginnings.

Ratty pajamas and underwear: Our old faithful nightclothes have seen us through late-night Netflix binges, work from home (WFH) situations and weekend self-care practices. For some of us, even our old items of athleisure have made their way into the sleepwear section of our drawers, holding on to their elasticity and favorability. But when the stretch refuses to bounce back and the draftiness is a little too much, it's time to retire these pieces. It should become best practice to replace these pieces every year; as our bodies change, so should our night garments.

Ratty T-shirts: Keepsake T-shirts are super easy to accumulate. Homecomings, family reunions and sports games are memorialized with free multicolored tops that allow us to remember a special moment of time. However, that's what pictures are for. Since worn tees aren't as sightly as a developed image or album composed on an iPhone, gut out your T-shirt collection and make space for new memories.

Broken jewelry: We all have those broken pieces of jewelry that fell apart on the go. For these pieces, we planned to do a little DIY with a bit of super glue to make it as good as new again but a few days have turned into a year with no alterations made. Unless you intend to get the pieces fixed, get rid of it. Your vintage jewelry box will thank you.

Makeup and skincare products: There's nothing like finding a skincare or makeup routine that works for us. Finding products that become our holy grail makes us feel like we have a bit of a handle on life. This is what makes parting with unused product so sad when the eighteen month time frame is up. If you can help it, get rid of those products and treat yourself to a fresher version.

Broken USB cords: Over the span of our life time, we utilize different electronic devices for a variety of reasons. Some of these devices phase out of our lives, never to be picked up or touched again. So, if your junk drawers full of a never-ending chain of cords, find a way to properly dispose of them. You know you'll never use them again.

Old eyewear: Do you recall the last time you paid a visit to your local eye doctor? Are you stockpiling your prescription glasses but your laptop screen is getting blurrier by the day? It may be time to get a new pair of spectacles. It's suggested that prescription eyewear are refreshed every three years at maximum in order to properly reflect your most accurate level of eyesight.

Business cards: Over the course of a year, we've switched jobs, gotten promoted or changed careers all together. That little box of white business cards with once freshly embossed logos and proper titles are obsolete. Keep pushing forward—shred them.

Expired spices: Black folks love to keep bottles and bottles of assorted spices on their shelves. We're here to tell you they have an expiration date. Ground spices and dried herbs have a shelf-life of up to three years. Clear out the ones in the back of your cabinet that have overstayed their welcome.