In 2011, Cashmere Nicole began the Beauty Bakerie brand out of her home and as a team of one. She drew inspiration from her love of cakes, candies, and pastries, as well as her desire to remind others of the opportunity  to be sweet in all interactions. After overcoming breast cancer, she coined the motto ‘better, not bitter’ to encourage herself and others to manage adversity by focusing on what we can give back to the world. We took some time to talk with Cashmere to see how it all began and where it’s all going. Where did your love for beauty come from?

Cashmere Nicole: My love for beauty came from my love for the arts. I see art in everything and believe it takes on many forms. My Great-grandma had 15 children who all happened to love some form of art. In my opinion, her children were her art and her contribution to the world. At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to have your own cosmetic line?

CN: I believe I was at a place in my life where I knew it was time for me to blossom and grow beyond my surroundings, beyond any and everything I had known. I’ve always been a risk-taker, believing that I’ve got more to lose by staying still, so one day I promised myself I would go out on a limb, give my very best and trust the process – fully understanding that any outcome was a result of my own actions.

logo_home When putting together your collection of products, where do you get your inspiration?

CN: I draw inspiration from nature, from other forms of art, food, music, and conversations. The beauty business is a crowded industry, how do you stay unique from the competition?

CN: It isn’t only the beauty business, right? I could apply that concept to everything. I think that if you focus only on what you can give to the world, you’re headed in the right direction. No one is paying me to study the Kylie’s of the world and no one is paying her to study anyone else. I’m paid and rewarded by studying Beauty Bakerie, its trends, both its strengths and weaknesses…that is my focus. It’s good to be aware of the players in your space, but my focus is on my brand, my customers, my employees and the ways we are impacting our world. Your product is very affordable, is that something you did on purpose & why?

CN: Yes. I’m not far from the days when I needed $20 to last me an entire week or when I had to choose between buying something that would help me keep my appearance together versus paying a bill. Every product is made considering the audience, what they like, what they can afford. Quality is key at Beauty Bakerie. I’ll send a product back to the lab until it’s right because I value and appreciate anyone taking time to search, buy and support my brand. Our dollars are our time spent earning them…I value that.

cashmere-spring_shoot-beauty_summit We love the Beauty Bakerie name, how did you come up with it?

CN: I found a way to combine my guilty pleasures! Beauty, cosmetics, and pastries! I know it must be hard to pick but from your line what is your go to product?

CN: Our new Wake & Bake Face Oil is my go-to lately. I struggle with skin issues periodically, but it has really made life easier. My skin is smooth, healthy and glowing. I don’t want to apply makeup to battered skin, I want to apply it to healthy skin. Your product is animal cruelty-free, why was that important for you?

CN: Animals are a natural part of our world. They belong here. Who are we to determine their fate? We love your store, were you nervous about opening it up?

CN: I was! I wasn’t sure what to expect at the grand opening. To be honest, the construction was still taking place like 30 minutes before we opened the door, but after a prior delay, I didn’t want to disappoint our customers again and decided we should move forward considering the safety and experience of all. Where do you see your brand in 10yrs?

CN: I see the brand everywhere. A brand that becomes a true beauty source due to the quality and performance of the formulas. What does beauty mean to you?

CN: Beauty means self-less, an ability to represent for those who’ve been silenced or unheard of. It means taking care of others but also taking care of self. We are caring for others when we choose cruelty-free, we are caring for others when we choose smudge-free…but we are also treating ourselves to convenience and worry-free options.