Born in the Bronx in 2021, Ghetto Gastro was launched by Jon Gray, Pierre Serrao, and Lester Walker to champion the borough as a driver of global culture by using delicious, healthy food to connect and make an impact within their community. The New York-based trio also collaborates with partners across fashion, art, design, and music, including Nike, Virgil Abloh, and Beats by Dre, to support Black creativity, local organizations, and culture. 

Looking to spread joy and nourishment, and fill a void for authentically Black voices within the food industry, Ghetto Gastro launched an Instagram cooking series called “Stease the Day.” The 3-minute long instructional videos walk through recipes, from mango chow to tostones, from chefs that don’t need to code switch or “turn on” a diluted image. 

In addition to the series, the brand has introduced a new syrup to its line of breakfast food products.

Ghetto Gastro Sovereign Syrup

This syrup isn’t just for waffles -- it makes a unique alternative to any liquid sweetener that can be a substitution for simple syrup in cocktails, added to baked goods, and tossed with roasted vegetables. It combines three ingredients Dark Maple, Sorghum and Apple Cider, each bringing its own unique properties and flavor profiles. 

  • Dark Maple: Harvested with sustainable and organic methods in collaboration with Forest Farmers, a forestry initiative in Upstate NY. Dark maple syrup is deeply flavored and rich in antioxidants and trace minerals such as zinc, manganese, and potassium. Honoring the Indigenous roots of maple syrup, Ghetto Gasto takes care to source with the utmost respect for the land. 
  • Sorghum: Produced by small farmer cooperatives in the American South, an initiative led by a leading sorghum expert and whiskey maker. Originally from Africa, the sorghum grain has long been used as a source of protein, either ground into flour (you can find it in our Ancestral Roots Waffle & Pancake mix) or pressed into juice and boiled into a thick, rich syrup akin to molasses. 

  • Apple Cider: It is said that during their journeys on the Underground Railroad, freedom seekers boiled apple cider down into syrup as both a source of warmth and caloric energy. We pay homage to them through this unique and first-to-market product.