The 30-something Tallahassee man responsible for sure is fickle. In response to all the "negative baggage" that came with inviting users to mark off which ghettos to avoid—no actual crime data necessary—he relaunched the site as "Good Part of Town." Then he took it down because segregating lower-income neighborhoods "wasn't worth the trouble." Now, he's back and as bigoted as ever!

A new message on the homepage says, "We're revamping the site to make it even better. Please check back soon!" with a quote from a "private Internet business" called USA Tourist to bolster the idea that he's trying to help travelers avoid unsafe areas. But once again this enterprising Floridian tech bro exposes his prejudices. This time by including a topical scene from the 1983 film National Lampoon's Vacation where Chevy Chase drives his family through a poor Black crime-ridden neighborhood.