This week, the Ghett’Out Film Festival will hit New York City. Presented by the Brooklyn Academy of Music, this Film festival aims at spotlighting avant-garde independent film makers who continue to challenge the French production-distribution system that limits the visibility of their art.

Largely self-taught and working on tight budgets, these filmmakers are at the forefront of the underground Nouvelle Vague movement and are hoping to spread the messages of their movies far beyond the slums of France. Ghett’Out, which gets its name from the Gil Scott Heron’s song “Get Out of the Ghetto Blues,” is a 3-day event featuring appearances from directors Sylvain George, Stéphane Elmadjian & Soufiane Adel and critically acclaimed Killer of Sheep director, Charles Burnett.

If you’re in the New York area, check it out! The line up is as follows:

Tue, Apr 10

6:50pm: Killer of Sheep 1977, Burnett / Q&A with Charles Burnett
9:30pm: The Lord’s Ride (La BM du seigneur) 2010, Hue

Wed, Apr 11
4:30pm: Donoma 2012, Carrenard
7:15pm: May They Rest in Revolt (Qu’ils reposent en révolte) 2010, George / Q&A with Sylvain George

Thu, Apr 12
4:30pm: L’Afrance 2012, Gomis
6:50pm: Shorts Program / Q&A with shorts filmmakers Stéphane Elmadjian & Soufiane Adel
9:30pm: Slums Road (Rue des cités) 2011, May & Zouhani

For more information, and full movie descriptions visit BAM online.