We’ve all been there, whether it be with a girlfriend, your wife, or a random hook-up. You start kissing, things begin to heat up, you start undressing, she starts undressing, and then you get “the look.”

Now, hopefully that look is not utter disappointment in the size of the ship, but rather displeasure in the lack of upkeep or maintenance of the ship. And if it’s the latter (which we hope it is)—no matter how strong, confident, and attractive she may find you—your excessive body hair will nullify all that very quickly. So instead of playing Russian roulette in the bedroom, hoping she doesn’t notice or care (she does), we’ve got a new product that we think will get you in tip-top shape… literally.

The new Gillette BODY razor is the kind of razor that will make men want to groom their body hair. Coming from a brand that’s been keeping men looking their best for over 100 years, we appreciate that they’ve now created a product for us that could offer maximum benefit in the grooming area.

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The Gillette BODY is a foolproof body razor that comes equipped with three lubricating blades and an anti-slip grip for those rookie manscapers out there. I won’t lie: before testing the Gillette BODY, I thought I would be testing another ordinary razor that says it’s multifunctional. But instead, I got a smooth shave and no irritation.

After the experience, I really felt like a cleanly shaven, dapper man. For the fellas who think body grooming is silly, remember that it’s important to look after and clean your tools on the regular, if you want them to be handled.

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—Corey Chalumeau