'Red Tails' seems like a pretty fun and inspirational film for young folks of all sorts of backgrounds. Yet, the Dallas School District seems to think that the movie would only benefit boys. On Thursday morning, about 5,700 boys were taken on a field trip to the AMC Mesquite Theater in order to celebrate Black History Month. The allegedly $32,000 trip was paid for with Title I funds, which are typically allocated for low-income students of both genders. 

Despite the film's motivational messages, the girls were left behind because, according to a spokesman for the Dallas School District, "there is only so much available space at the movie theater, so the decision was made for boys to attend the movie. Girls stayed at school but principals were given the option to show them 'Akeelah and the Bee'.

While 'Akeelah'  was a great film, can we talk about how old it is? In what universe is seeing a highly-buzzed about movie equal to watching a film that most likely is available on VHS? Females have been participating in the military and flying jet planes for decades now, so the argument that girls can't relate to the film is ridiculous. While the predominantly male cast could be considered an argument against bringing females to 'Red Tails,' the simple fact is that these assumptions and stereotypes made about the female students in the Dallas district ironically mirror the types of assumptions and stereotypes the Tuskeegee Airmen faced during their mission.