UPDATE: 8/31/18

A representative for Gladys Knight says that earlier reports of her having pancreatic cancer are false, according to Detroit News.

“Actually, Gladys Knight doesn’t have pancreatic cancer and is healthy. When the “Empress of Soul” told WDIV that she and Aretha Franklin “had the same disease,” she did not mean it literally, her publicist has clarified. “I’m not sure [what she meant]. Maybe she meant she feels her pain. But she does not have cancer,” Knight’s rep Javier Delgado told The Detroit News, per Vulture.

Knight had told WDIV-TV that she ran into Aretha Franklin at a hotel and “shared the fact that we had the same disease.”

Singer Gladys Knight revealed she has pancreatic cancer, the same illness that Aretha Franklin died from, Detroit News reports.

Knight announced the news to Detroit’s WDIV on Thursday while she attended Franklin’s funeral at Greater Grace Temple.

“The Lord tells us where we are going and tells us when we are coming,” Knight told US Weekly on Monday, choosing not to disclose her battle with the illness.  ” I’m not overly upset about [Franklin’s death], and he knows how much each one of us can bear, and he calls us home with those things in mind. That’s the way I feel about it, because he loves us like that.”

It’s unclear when Knight was diagnosed, but Franklin had reportedly had pancreatic cancer for eight years before passing away on Aug. 16.

Medical professionals told the Detroit News that Franklin living eight years with the disease was longer than usual since 20 percent of those diagnosed do not live past one year and only 7 percent survive five years post-diagnosis.

Knight attended a tribute concert for Franklin on Thursday at Chene Park Amphitheater in Detroit.