Everything is better in Black — including Miami.

From South Dade to Miami Beach, the vibrant city is an amazing pick to get your fill of shopping, dining, and sunning. With historic sites, restaurants known for plating mouth-watering dishes, and a steady flow of events, Greater Miami is a dynamic hub…but there’s more, especially when it comes to Black and Afro-Latino culture.

Visitors can look forward to doing more than just seeing Black culture, they can literally support it. Black-owned businesses ranging from event spaces to marketplaces to eateries are peppered throughout the city, making entrepreneurship an essential component of sharing our legacy.  “The travel and hospitality economy are a critical lifeline to South Florida minority communities that include Caribbean, African American, and other diverse cultures,” says Yvette N. Harris, Miami Carnival’s public relations officer.

While it’s common for folks to head to The 305 for annual events like HBCUs’ big Orange Blossom Classic and Miami Carnival, or to indulge their inner foodie at restaurants like Rosie’s or Smith & Webster Restaurant and Bar, there’s so much more to do.

Whether you’re dropping into the city to celebrate or relax, here are EBONY’s picks of five must-dos in MIA.

Stop 1: Little Haiti

Whether you’re of Caribbean descent or just love the culture, Little Haiti is a must-see. The area, named after influx of residents from the tiny but powerful country (the first Black nation to free itself from European enslavers), is home to authentic Haitian restaurants and Black-owned stores, plus spaces to immerse yourself in Caribbean vibes, like Little Haiti Cultural Complex and Haitian-owned bookstore, Librerei Mapou.

Stop 2: Historic Overtown

Affectionately known as the Harlem of the South, Historic Overtown is anchored by stories of Black Hollywood of the past, with icons like Nat King Cole and Aretha Franklin gracing stages and creating special moments for the community in the early 20th century. Today, the popular area is known for celebrating its Black heritage with scenic walking tours, Michelin-awarded restaurants, like chef Marcus Samuellson’s Red Rooster, ornate street art and murals, and spaces that highlight our legacy, like the Lyric Theater and the Black Precinct and Courthouse Museum.

Stop 3: Little Havana

If you’re interested in learning more about Afro-Latino culture, Little Havana is the place to visit. In addition to educational stops, like the Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts Center, that will pique the interest of your inner Blerd, there are marketplaces (Futuruma 1637 is a fave), walking tours, and famed hotspots like Little Havana Cigar Factory and the Havana Experience at Havana Collection.

Stop 4: Miami Gardens

This isn’t like any other garden you’ve been to. Miami Gardens is the epicenter of fun in the city and includes an array of activities from music festivals, like Jazz in the Gardens, to Hard Rock Stadium, the home base for the city’s football teams, the Miami Open tennis tournament and Formula One Miami Grand Prix. Want to vibe out and dine? The area is also home to an array of restaurants — from African to Caribbean to Latin — with must-stops including popular eateries such as Awash Ethiopian Restaurant and Lorna’s Caribbean American Grill.

Stop 5: Wynwood

Your inner cool kid will appreciate a day in Wynwood. This section of the city is known for its trendsetting aesthetics and hip vibe. Like snapping pics? You’ll want to visit Wynwood Walls, a renowned series of beautiful murals that covers buildings throughout the district. Love walking? You’ll definitely want to get in stride with fellow revelers on the Wynwood Art Walk, a monthly ritual that keeps galleries open late to showcase new exhibitions and brings out food trucks and vendors to ensure the party doesn’t stop.

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