When you hear someone counter valid criticism with “Only God can judge me,” chances are they are about as serious a Christian as a vegetarian with chicken wing-stained fingers. So like every other fair-weather spiritualist who would rather quote 2Pac’s pro-deflecting mantra, Floyd Mayweather opted to bob and weave Rachel Nichols’ questions about his past and present as a persistent misogynist and convicted woman beater on CNN’s Unguarded.

I know what a few of you are thinking: Why ask Mayweather questions about domestic violence during an interview that was to promote his fight with Marcos Maidana?

Here are a few answers: His publicist needs to be firmer when dealing with producers about the kinds of questions he feels are off-limits. Floyd Mayweather should not have stepped into the conversation in previous interviews. More than once, mind you. He didn’t have to answer the questions. Hell, he could’ve Lolo Jones Marion Jones-ed it and sprinted on out of the segment.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get back to how horrible a person he is.

When asked why fans should root for him given his history of domestic violence, Mayweather said: “Everything has been allegations. Nothing has been proven. So, you know that’s life.”

Well actually, if you do jail time and plead no contest and guilty to various domestic violence related crimes…that pretty much means you have a proven history of domestic violence. Now, people make mistakes and some of those are more heinous than others. We as a society do have to allow people to evolve from their transgressions. However, such is a privilege that should only exist for those who actually acknowledge wrongdoing, learn from that and live their life accordingly.

That is not Floyd Mayweather, he who also countered talks of his violent past with, “Uh-huh. Once again, no pictures. Just hearsay and allegations. And I signed a plea-bargain. Once again, not true.”

Bloody hell, this woman-hating somebody thinks you have to scream “WORLDSTAR” while going up someone’s head in order for it to be true. Hey, Mayweather, if I stole your wallet and no one caught me on camera, did I steal use your credit card to buy myself the new iPhone 6 plus?

Then came that invocation of God: “Everybody actually, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. When it is all said and done, only God can judge me.”

Hey, Negroes? This ain’t it.

When you are a person who makes money off your likeness, you do not get to pick and choose how the public should view you. You gave that right up when you presented yourself to the public for the sake of profit. Thus, if you do great things, you will be looked upon accordingly. If you do totally vile and despicable acts, well…those are the breaks.

Mr. Mayweather, know this: TV hosts can judge you, sponsors can judge you, the networks you partner with can judge you, fans can judge you, and anyone else who thinks you’re an abusive waste of a man can judge you. And they should.

For the record, diet Christians, you can indeed hold a believer accountable for not living by the standards they seek to live by as Christians. You know: judgment. Then, after all this judgment, maybe God can render the final verdict and send your abusive self to Hell.

I want people to learn their faith before they try to cower behind it when called on to own up to their actions. I would also ask that everyone stop giving judgment such a bad name. Sometimes, being judged makes you a better person because it brings to your attention that – gasp – maybe you’re not perfect.

That aside, I did agree with my favorite Puerto Rican and new co-host of The View, Rosie Perez, who said on the show’s season premiere, “We shouldn’t just address the issue of these men hitting women. We should address the issue of who is hitting these men.”

Yes, we should look at domestic violence from a complete standpoint. Even so, whatever breaks a person does not excuse them from repeating the cycle. This is especially true when you are someone like Floyd Mayweather, who doesn’t even want to acknowledge his wrongdoing.

Mayweather, like many celebrities, wants to be viewed pristinely. He wants to say whatever the hell he wants – like about Ray Rice’s own issues with domestic violence – then balk back at broadcasters with, “Only God can judge me.” That is bull. (BTW: ironically enough, Mayweather’s sport is one that utilizes judges to determine a winner…so he is letting someone judge him, just saying.)

We can’t take away Floyd Mayweather’s status as a world-class boxer. However, he has a history of abusing women and he can’t order that away either. So while his mouth and money may want us to look at him in more favorable ways, his fists just don’t allow that.