Last week Google hosted a Black & Latinx Publishers Summit which featured leadership from across the Black and Latinx community who shared ideas about storytelling and uplifting communities of color. The summit began with a welcoming keynote from Google's leadership Darline Jean, followed by an engaging session from AdMonster's Lynne Johnson about fostering top-notch talent that moves and inspires the masses while simultaneously fueling the Black and Latinx community.

Kerel Cooper, president of Advertising at Group Black, Ryan Johnson, founder and CEO of Cxmmunity Media and Greg Watkins, founder of, led a discussion surrounding the transformation of media ownership and investment through diverse content.

EBONY Media's chairwoman and CEO Eden Bridgeman Sklenar attended the summit as well and spoke to the brand's mission to ignite "bold and brilliant" conversations about issues essential to the Black community. At a time when Black culture and history are combatting widespread erasure and seeking equitable visibility, it is necessary to contribute to the next generation of Black creativity and activism.

As a legacy brand that has historically been at the forefront of major movements, the documentation of our culture and community is paramount. To help us achieve this, Bridgeman Sklenar highlighted how engaging with partnerships that aligned with our purpose and efforts was equally important. "With EBONY’s goal to ignite bold conversations about the issues that matter most to the Black community, we had to find partners that could assist us in scaling our category-leading content.  That partner has been Bloomberg Media," shared Bridgeman Sklenar.

"Our partnership sits at the intersection of culture and business, powered by the most trusted voice in global business and the boldest name in Black culture," continued EBONY Media's chairwoman. "As all of us here are aware, in today’s landscape 'creator' and 'entrepreneur' are not different; the most successful creators are also brilliant business leaders, savvy investors, and innovative users of emerging technologies."