CNN’s KFile obtained audio from 2012 of a GOP Congressman’s old radio show where he said that Black people have an “entitlement mentality” and intimated they’re more prone to violence, according to the Washington Examiner.

Rep. Jason Lewis (R-Minn), made that and other racially insensitive statements on The Jason Lewis Show, which ran from 2009 to 2014.

“There’s a cultural problem in the African-American community that is leading to this,” Lewis said during a 2012 show. “You’re a victim. It’s OK to hate women, beat up women. It’s OK to hate gays. All this, we’re just sort of feeding this to people who are very lost because of the breakdown of society to begin with.”


In an August 2012 clip, Lewis is heard saying that the “welfare state” has been destructive to the Black community, per the Washington Examiner.

“I happen to think actually that the modern welfare state has really devastated African-American communities, minority communities by making certain that young Black males are raised by one parent, not holding fathers accountable,” he said. “You’ve added sort of gasoline to the fire of poverty. Now you’ve got young men with no way to express themselves in a proper way, so violence begets violence and the cycle keeps going on and on and on.”

“You simply can’t say the same thing about other groups,” he added. “But when there is a festival, a gathering, call it what you will — June ninth, Juneteenth or urban weekend in Miami Beach or Myrtle Beach and Indianapolis. When there is a predominately Black festival, there’s trouble.”

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