Wisconsin Republican Glenn Grothman recently attacked the holiday of Kwanzaa, claiming “almost no Black people” care about it.

The state senator put out a controversial press release recently in which he asked rhetorically, “Why must we still hear about Kwanzaa?”

“Why are hard-core left wingers still trying to talk about Kwanzaa — the supposed African-American holiday celebration between Christmas and New Year’s?” Grothman wrote.

Kwanzaa is a week-long Afrocentric holiday which is observed from December 26th through today, January 1st. It was created in 1966 by Black radical Maulana Karenga. It is observed by an estimated 2 million Americans.

“Of course, almost no Black people today care about Kwanzaa — just white left-wingers who try to shove this down Black people’s throats in an effort to divide Americans,” Grothman said. “Irresponsible public school districts such as Green Bay and Madison … try to tell a new generation that Blacks have a separate holiday than Christians.”

Grothman went on to personally criticize the rhetoric of Karenga and called for the holiday to be “slapped down.”

“Senator Grothman seems to outdo himself every time he opens his mouth,” said local Democratic treasurer Meg Moen.

“His recent press release about Kwanzaa was absolutely jaw-dropping. Not only does Senator Grothman seem to find his inherit racism acceptable, he implores people to follow his lead and question a holiday that African-Americans have been celebrating for years. He, as usual, blames progressives and teachers, for respecting all traditions, and having the audacity to include every holiday and tradition that occurs around this time every year.”

“That press release is absolutely disgusting and drips with disdain for African-Americans and, therefore, I am calling on him to retract his statements,” she added.