Duranice Pace, the oldest member of Atlanta-based gospel group the Anointed Pace Sisters, shared an emotional story about the adversity she faced in life on the talk show Steve.

Pace performed with her eight sisters and released five albums between 1992 and 2009. During those years, she faced many hardships, including having part of her vocal chords removed after she was fed rat poisoning

"They said [I'd] never talk again," the singer told show host Steve Harvey. "But the man upstairs said, 'You gon' sing again.'"


She also revealed she had thyroid cancer that was thought to be life-threatening. "They gave me three years to live, and March 28 would be 11 years ago."

Pace said God kept her alive to be able to meet Harvey. "God kept me alive to see you, sir, and I'm just glad to be here. I can go to heaven now. It don't take much for me."

In the midst of the conversation, the comedian became choked up as he reflected on his own life, which included having to tell doctors to remove his mother from life support.

"You come in here today, this is just a ''Put Me On" segment,” Harvey said. “Never heard about your story and said, ‘Well, we’ll give her a chance,’ but I ain’t know you [were] going to come in here and do all this. Now you got me all jacked up.”

Pace sang on the spot about how the actor is a positive force in many peoples life. "He loves to let people smile / Make people laugh that ain't laugh in years / Make you feel like living again / That's Mr. Steve Harvey," she belted out.

He told the singer, "You think I'm helping you, but you['re] really helping me."

Later in the show, the gospel singer gave an emotional performance, before Harvey revealed that he would be buying her a car to help with her financial troubles.