Despite the sweltering sun rays, summer has its pros and it is arguably, the best time of the year. The “perfect” weather often brings with it endless BBQS, beach vacations, great food and family ties.

As we ready for the summer months, our beloved graduation season is coming to a close, and the class of 2017 has been all but forgettable. From the phenomenal act of resistance from students at Bethune-Cookman University who turned their back on the Education Secretary Besty Devoe, to the creative cap and gowns, speeches and the like — the future is looking seemingly bright. As we know, these student didn’t achieves such intellectual success and moral palletes by their own doing, and for that, we must thank the parents and family members who helped them become who they are.

One graduating class in Los Angeles agreed with such sentiments and dedicated their graduation song to their parents and loved ones. One proud mother (Leah Oduro-Kwarten) uploaded the video on her Facebook page, which featured her son Stephahn, leading his class in their unique rendition of “Before I Let Go.” Having gained 2.7 million views since posting, join Leah and her son’s colleagues in this special moment. Tune into the video below.