Whitney Houston's sudden death added a somber moment to last night's Pre-Grammy events.

Over at Mr. C's, a swanky Hollywood hotel, LL and Hennessey hosted a fete to celebrate people who don't give up. Magic Johnson, Arsenio Hall, Rob Lowe, Tim Tebow, Estelle, Jill Scott, Tika Sumpter and Zac Efron were amongst those who gathered. But after the paparazzi went away, and just before a seated four-course meal, LL Cool J asked for a moment of silence for Whitney.

LL is hosting tonight's Grammy awards. He is the first show host in seven years and as a producer of past Grammy nomination concerts, he's uniquely positioned to handle the responsibility. But the rapper and actor was working quickly last night to incorporate changes to the script.

"It's not about ripping up the script," he said exclusively to EBONY. "It's about finding the right words to give her love."

LL says he was at home when the news was announced. He knew something was up when his texts "blew up" and then his wife ran in the room with the sad news.

He never worked on a song with Houston but knew her through the years, he says,  always seeing her backstage and being there when she first married Bobby. "The changes are worth it," he says, about last minute adjustments to the Grammy program. "But I feel terrible about them because of what they mean. They mean we lost the voice of a generation."