Nothing connected to the Greenleaf family is without burning secrets that threaten to come to light and expose dark truths.

And season two of OWN’s original series is unraveling some painful information. We’ve seen Charity (Deborah Joy Winans) and her husband’s relationship take an unexpected turn in season one. This season, after birthing twins, their marital status is possibly headed toward the big “D” – as in divorce.

But before going through the full proceedings, there’s one person Charity is forced to face: her mother. Will she confess and let Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) in her husband’s secret? Watch the clip tease below:


In other family matters, Grace and her father, Bishop, bundt heads when it comes to Sophia’s future. As he prepares his granddaughter’s birthday gift, Grace walks in and strongly expresses that she doesn’t want Sophie to follow in her footsteps.


The two have another crash course that may cause Grace’s budding relationship with Darius (Rick Fox) may hit a bump in the road. After she speaks with her father about bringing him to Sophia’s birthday party, the conversation leaves a cold ending.


With all that takes place over the course of an episode, it’s no wonder the series is so addictive.

Watch the unraveling happen on tonight’s episode of Greenleaf on OWN, 9p.m.ET/PT