OWN favorite Greenleaf will be wrapping up its third season tomorrow night, and if you’re ready for your own sneak-peek, you’ve come to the right place! Check out four moments from tomorrow’s finale below.

Grace Offers to Give Bishop Money to Pay Off the IRS

Jacob and Kerissa Discuss Getting a Divorce

Pastor Maxine Gives Lady Mae One Last Word of Advice 

Grace Meets with Connie About Calvary’s Future

As Season Three comes to an end, fans will surely come to miss show lead, Merle Dandridge, who recently spoke to EBONY about guest stars LeToya Luckett, Patti LaBelle and Iyanla Vanzant.

“LeToya is awesome! She’s a great girlfriend and she’s so good in the role of Rochelle Cross! It’s just so delicious and nuanced and heartbreaking at the same time, you can really see where her pain is coming from and why she’s so driven to do the things she does. The thing is, she’s so smart in the way she does it, which makes the character even more terrifying. On set, she’s so fun and so hilarious.

“Now, Ms. Patti? She lights up the set every time she comes, and it is a great privilege to be in artistry with her. Iyanla? Come on! There is nobody more down to earth that her. She keeps it real and I always feel seen and loved-up around her. She’s as warm and nurturing as everyone thinks. Also, who needs their lives fixed more than the Greenleafs [laughs]?”

Dandridge also discussed picking up a few acting gems from her on-screen parents and co-stars, Lynn Whitfield and Keith David.

“The great thing about both of them is that they have such great stamina and endurance, so there isn’t a single moment that goes by that isn’t examined and ferociously worked until it gets to the best place it can be. To be around that is infectious and inspiring.”

Catch the Season Three finale of Greenleaf tomorrow, Nov 21, at 10p.m. EST on OWN.