Actress Ellen Pompeo is not only talking about diversity but she is also making sure companies she works with are being inclusive as well.

During an intimate conversation with Net-a-Porter for its annual “Women In Television” issue, Pompeo spoke about equal pay and representation in Hollywood with Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez; Breaking In star Gabrielle Union; and Billionaire Boys Club actress Emma Roberts.

During the 24-minute conversation, Pompeo turned her direction toward the fashion magazine and its crew for the lack of representation on set.

“This day has been incredible, and there’s a ton of women in the room,” the Grey’s Anatomy star said. “But, I don’t see enough color. And I didn’t see enough color when I walked in the room today.”

Pompeo said she’s asked directors in the past to make the cast and crew “look like the world that I walk around in every day.”

She continued, “As caucasian people, it’s our job, it’s our task, it’s our responsibility to make sure we speak up in every single room we walk into. It’s our job because we created the problem.”

Several individuals on social media applauded the actress for her allyship including journalist Jemele Hill and comedian Natasha Rothwell.

“White people sometimes ask me how they can be an all. @EllenPompeo puts on a master class in how to be one,” Hill tweeted.

“Ellen Pompeo can bring the greens to thanksgiving,” Rothwell wrote referencing the ongoing joke about White people invited to Black cookouts.

In 2016, Pompeo was slammed for using darker toned emojis during a conversation about race. The actress responded to the backlash by revealing she was married to a Black man.

She and her husband, Chris Ivery, wed in 2007 and share three children Stella, Sienna and Eli Christopher.

Pompeo is the highest paid television actress having signed a $20 million contract with ABC Networks to continue her role as Dr. Meredith Grey on the Shonda Rhimes-produced series.

Watch the full discussion in the video below.