While many men may think it taboo to step foot into a nail salon, we happen to think differently. Fellas, rough hands may project a hard day’s work load (and may even turn some women on), but your toes need to be well groomed, just as much as ours. As the weather is warming up, consider getting a pedicure. Forget the man code and follow our guide to receiving a pedi without feeling any less of a man.

DO add a pedicure to your Bucket List! This is an experience you cannot pass. Think of it as a mini spa day, where you can soak the stress away and enjoy a massage. Then you will understand why the ladies treat themselves to one almost every week.

DON’T feel out of place. Believe it or not, many gentlemen have taken the plunge into the pedicure crew. And because the list is limited, it may be hard to run into one of the fellas on a trip to a nail salon. 

DO bring some shades. If you don’t want to make a known appearance at the nail salon, channel your inner celebrity and put your favorite shades on.  

DON’T go alone! What better way to show off your girlfriend and show how great you are? Bring a friend and kick back, no judgment.

DO buff instead of polish. A good buff will look just as nice as a polish, but won’t take away from your masculinity. 

DON’T use the tools they have. Keep sanitation high on your list and invest in your own manicure and pedicure tools. 

The bottom line is, do not ignore your feet. Keep your toenails clipped and feet clear of any dry skin. There’s always the alternative of giving yourself a pedicure at home, but why waste time putting your effort into polished feet when you can relax and get better results? If you feel any doubt, just think “why not?” A little pedicure never hurt anybody.