Confident. Masculine. Hardworking. Smooth. What does your cologne say about you? A man’s choice of cologne says a lot about his personality. Finding the perfect scent can be difficult at times, but fellas: every woman will confess that there's nothing more memorable than the whiff of a good smelling man. You can’t go wrong with our picks of classic scents, fit for all guys.

Cool Water by Davidoff ($68.50,

Make a lasting impression with Cool Water by Davidoff. Embrace the aromatic blend of refreshing, powerful aquatic notes. Embody strength with the invigorating presence of this scent.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male ($75,

Nearly 20 years later, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male is still amongst the best-selling scents for men. With its fusion of seductive tones and masculine aromas, who wouldn’t dare be attracted to this fragrance?

John Varvatos Vintage ($62,

Be a gentleman with John Varvatos's Vintage cologne. This delightful and dignified fragrance is classic, distinctive and smooth.

Givenchy Play For Him ($77,

Press play with Givenchy’s Play cologne. Indulge in a warm and sensual tone from the Amyris wood, a Caribbean wood that will leave an exceptional, not overpowering aura behind everywhere you go.

Kenneth Cole Vintage Black ($70,

Take command with Kenneth Cole's Vintage Black fragrance. Exude confidence and be suave with this fresh scent. Treat yourself to memorable moments. It’s the perfect accent to a sophisticated suit.