[EBONY Magazine Oct/Nov 2018]

Quincy Brown, the multitalented musician, model and actor (currently starring in Lee Daniels’ Fox series Star and Netflix’s upcoming Christmas Calendar with Kat Graham), gives us the rundown on his surprisingly low-key routine and hair fixation.

FATHERLY ADVICE. I think advice from [my stepdad and dad] is any advice a father would give to his son, and that’s to stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

MAMA’S BOY. My mother [Kim Porter] has played a huge role in my overall style because hair has been a statement of mine since I was a child. She started me off early by letting my hair grow long.

KEEPING IT CLEAN. My skin care routine is pretty low-maintenance. I’ve been using Dove soap since I was a baby. It smells good and gets my skin clean without making it feel dry.

CUT CREATOR. To truly master your grooming game, a personal barber is definitely needed. My go-to guy is Marcus Phillip (aka “MP”). When I get a cut by him, I look and feel great!

CLIPPING IT. All men should know how to at least line themselves up so they don’t always have to rely on a barber.

CRIMSON VIBES. I’m a guy who has different moods, and the smell of Ralph Lauren’s Polo Red Rush is definitely tailored for multiple occasions. The scent gives me a refreshing evening vibe.

BUSH ATTACK. I don’t do anything to my brows. No maintaining necessary. I didn’t make them like this, God did. Women think I get them done on the regular, but I’ve never had them “done.” If anything, I may trim the middle a little bit.

HAIR RULES. My skin care regimen may be low-key, but I definitely put some effort into my hair. My hairstyles tend to be fashiony. They’re definitely on the more edgy side of things rather than commercial cuts. For me, leave-in conditioner is a must. And if a style requires it, I’ll use something that gives my hair more hold.