A group of African-American women say they were asked to leave a popular Michigan restaurant Saturday night to make room for other customers, BLAC Detroit reports.

TaNisha Prater was one of three women in the group. She recorded a 15-minute Facebook Live video while at Blufin Sushi in Grosse Pointe.

In the video, the women are seen exiting the restaurant and ending with speaking to a police officer about the incident. Prater says her and her friends were the only Black customers at the establishment.

“We looked around and said, ‘Wait a minute, we are the only Black people in this establishment. Why is she asking for us to get up?’ She did not ask anybody else in the establishment,” Prater said.

In the video, Prater can be seen saying she asked for the owner’s contact information to which the general manager responded that she was the owner. But Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs documents reveal the bar is owned by Joel Radu.

Later in the video, now outside of the establishment, Prater says the general manager has called police.

“She tells the Grosse Pointe police that we’re drunk. I’m not drunk. We had sushi, we had sliders, I had one drink,” Prater says.

The second half of the video shows Grosse Pointe police officers speaking with the women and asking for their version of what happened before ending. The general manager is identified by Prater as Katherine Fiscelli, but she says police did not ask for her ID.

Watch the exchange below. Story developing.