Growing your hair out from a short style can be out annoying. Many women have confessed to me that they’ve stayed short for fear of the mid-length stage that’s bound to send them spiraling into frumpy hair land.


STYLE LIKE IT’S SHORT – “I hate this random bob I have,” my pal confessed. Our solution for her ear-length tresses were to manipulate it to have the same appeal as a short style, which is lower sides, a tapered neck and volume at the top. Slick back the sides and use a little mousse or hairspray to smooth tresses closer together like a Mohawk. This works best on hair you’ve curled slightly. The result is a cute, curly Mohawk sans the weird shag in the back.

TRY BORAGE SEED OIL (supplement) – This leaf oil is used for growth and to treat hair thinning and hair loss because of its high percentage of gamma-linolenic acid, a part of omega-6 fatty acid family. Great for the skin, too.

REMEMBER YOUR SHAPE – Just because you’re growing out your locks doesn’t mean you can’t have a cute cut. With each phase, peruse a magazine and check out styles that look close to your current length. Take those to your stylist and have her re-shape it every time you get a trim. You’ll be able to play with various styles while maintaining your growth.

TRY NUT OILS – Phytokarité Ultra Nourishing Mask is sublimely wonderful for parched tresses. Chocked full of nourishing cashew oil, this intense treatment strengthens hair and encourages growth.

ADD IN AN EXTENSION – It doesn’t always require a full wig or weave to get the look you want. Sometimes a few extensions at the middle of your head or just at the front will totally transform your look. Get a longer bob or a playful bang. We recommend Indique Hair.