A 27-year-old Florida man knocked a 12-year-old’s teeth out following an altercation on Wednesday.

Vincent Cerfalo claimed he yelled at the boy and his friends for stopping traffic outside of his house in Port Charlotte, Fla. After a verbal dispute ensued, Cerfalo said the boy and his peers began to surround him. He claimed he punched 12-year-old Malikai Villatte in self-defense after the boy “touched him.”

A photo posted to Facebook by Villatte’s mother, Brittany Graham, following the incident shows the youngster with a bloody mouth, a gash on his lip and two missing teeth.

“He was screaming at us, cursing at us, calling us the ‘N-word’ and he came down to the middle of his yard, and I was like, ‘Who are you talking to?’ and he said, ‘Come within arm’s reach and I’ll show you who I’m talking to,'” the boy told Fox-4.

“When I realized my teeth were dangling in my mouth it was kind of shocking, I didn’t know what was going on,” the boy continued.

Cerfalo told Fox-4 that he intends to press charges against Villatte for assault.

“They said, ‘You won’t hit us, you won’t hit us,’ and they started to surround me,” he told the local news outlet about the incident.

“He touched me and I lifted my hand out, and I ended up hitting him. It was not my intention to hit anybody that hard, it was not my intention to knock teeth out or do harm, or cause any kind of trouble,” Cerfalo said.

Cerfalo has not yet been arrested.

“He’s not going to jail, nothing is happening to him and he’s basically getting away with it right now,” Villatte said.

Graham said she’s frustrated because no arrests were made after her son was attacked. The Charlotte County sheriff released a statement on the progress of the investigation after the photo Graham posted garnered widespread attention and outrage.

“The investigation of the incident included statements of multiple witness, many of whom were present and had varying levels of involvement in the altercation,” Sheriff Bill Prummell said. “The deputies on scene determined one of the juveniles involved was responsible for the altercation. Due to conflicting witness statements, it was determined the best course of action was to send the complete report to the State Attorney’s Office for review. The reporting deputy further requested the State Attorney approve a summons request for one of the juveniles on a charge of assault.”