If you love using your smart watch to track your every move but are just not feeling the bulky design that reads more sporty than stylish, the Oura ring may be for you. The innovative jewelry device serves as a discreet alternative to typical wearables and empowers users to improve their health. Through sensors on the inner band, the ring works 24/7 to monitor key body signals including heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, movement, and sleep analysis. Using this data, it provides three daily scores for sleep, readiness, and activity, and even has an optional period tracker, to support the wearer on all aspects of their wellness journey. 

To make the first-of-its-kind ring even more fabulous, Oura partnered with luxury brand Gucci, to deliver new, fashion-forward styles that feature a titanium, black PVD band adorned with an 18-carat gold braided trim and Gucci logos. Despite its flashy design, the water-resistant ring includes similar features as the original model and a rechargeable battery with an average life of 4-7 days. It also comes with a complimentary Oura membership (normally $6 monthly) for the app, which features a curated library of guided audio sessions with meditations, sleep sounds, breath work and other stress-reducing programming. Users can also take a deeper dive into their biometric data and receive customized guidance, that evolves daily, based on personal patterns and metrics.

A statement on Oura’s website reads, “This first-of-its-kind innovation celebrates your individuality from the inside out. The special-edition Gucci x Oura Ring brings together Oura's personalized health insights with Gucci's legendary Italian style. Together with Gucci, we’ve imagined a delightful, ever-evolving day that’s full of potential—shaped by the personalized insights delivered by the Gucci X Oura experience, and the choices that take you from dawn to dusk and back again. From moments of unexpected strength to the deepest, most peaceful dreams; you’re invited to discover the extraordinary power of your everyday routines.”