Former Bad Boy Intern Suing Diddy for Working Her Like a Slave

What happened to the good ol’ days when Diddy could send a flunky across the Brooklyn Bridge to pick up a slice of cheesecake without worrying about a lawsuit? Ex-Bad Boy intern Rashida Salaam just ruined that utopia when she filed a lawsuit against Master Combs and his multimillion dollar company for making her do—wait for it…—intern stuff! They slaved ol’ Kizzy with coffee errands, caused her to break her nails answering telephones, and gave her bunions running her around the city to make special deliveries. (Get it, “Special Delivery”? G. Dep, Black Rob, Diddy? Ok, never mind). The poor girl wasn’t even getting paid. [Insert crocodile tears here.]

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Gucci Mane Denied Community Service After Smashing Fan in the Head with a Bottle

It seems to me that Gucci Mane is in the wrong profession. With all his pent up aggression, he needs to trade in his microphone for a pair of boxing gloves. A Fulton County judge recently denied the rapper’s request for community service in a case where he Chris Browned a fan in the head with a bottle at a club in Atlanta. The traumatized ex-Gucci supporter claims he was only trying to get into V.I.P. to take a picture with Mr. Left-Hook-Right-Hook-Uppercut when he got bottle-popped. What a shame, Gucci Mane.

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Dwayne Wade’s World Foundation Sued by Lady Who Got Beat with a Drumstick

Damn, celebrities can’t even host kid’s talent shows without vultures looking for a payday. A leech woman named Andrea Alexander is suing Dwayne Wade’s Wade’s World Foundation after attending the organization’s Chicago Has Talent showcase last year, where she was allegedly smashed in the head with a bass drum mallet. Andrea is whoopty-wooing about the aisles of the venue being too small, and blaming Wade’s World for allowing the terrorist band to perform in such narrow aisles. She claims to have obtained “severe and permanent injuries,” and demands $50,000 for her troubles. Now I’m no scientist or anything, but if I’m sitting in an aisle seat and see drumsticks doing backflips and somersaults all up the walkway, I’m pretty sure I’d have enough sense to lean back just a little bit.

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