Gwen Ifill had such an impact on the art of journalism. Not only was her reporting immaculate and tough, but her presence sparked a light and showcased that women of color could also be strong in delivering news, covering politics, and telling important stories.

Ms. Ifil proved that the profession could rise beyond articulate White men in nice suits to deliver intellectual women and Black women – more specifically – who gained the trust of communities, nationwide.

When she passed on November 14, 2016, shock swept the industry. The realization hit that a voice like hers would forever be missed from the political space. For those who had the opportunity to experience Ms. Ifill on a personal level – a friend was physically gone.

She was an inspiration to many- near and far.

“…Then I met Gwen. She changed my life – and my view of journalism,” Detroit Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley wrote in an appreciation letter remembering her dear friend. “Gwen was a rising star, a brilliant reporter covering politics. She showed the industry what great journalism looked like and what great character looked like.”

This same sentiment is shared in a short video paying tribute to Gwen Ifill.

Created by PBS’ “NewsHour”, a program that Ms. Ifill hosted for years, Dear Gwen, offers letters from various women journalists of color, honoring the one-of-a-kind reporter.

Watch the emotional tribute below.