1. Make up your mind to do so.

It all starts with a thought. Just like you made up your mind to get a job, get a home and/or eat that unhealthy meal, simply make up your mind to commit to a healthier, fitter and more better you. This is where it all begins. Mind over matter people.

2. No, “new year, new me” crap.

In order to be successful in the gym, you’ve got to let go of the “new year, new me” garbage. People who subscribe to this form of a resolution end up being a victim to what is known as the fad diet. This isn’t a thing you do for the moment. It’s a lifestyle. So when all of the New Years resolutioners are gone from the gym by March or April, remember why you are choosing to stay.

3. Focus on building a mind/muscle connection.

A mind/muscle connection helps you to not only focus, but to concentrate on each movement in a slow and deliberate way to maximize efficiency. When you focus on the exercises that you implementing, you can tell if you are in fact getting the most out of your workout.

4. Commit to bettering yourself.

What separates those who talk and those who do is commitment. Understand that you cannot accomplish your fitness goals without seeing it all the way through, regardless of “feeling like it” or not. Trust me, your mind, body and soul will thank you for the change.