Black dads are lending a hand (literally) to the natural hair movement.  There have been a plethora of adorable viral videos showcasing Black fathers styling their daughters’ hair. Now, filmmakers Matthew A. Cherry and Jason Marino are teaming up for the animated short film, Hair Love which will show why that relationship is so important.

The film will follow Stephen, his daughter Zuri and their relationship with her gorgeous natural hair. Stephen has never styled his daughter’s afro-textured hair despite having long locs. His wife is typically the home hair comber, but with an event on the horizon Stephen must learn to comb and style Zuri’s hair quickly.

On Hair Love’s Kickstarter page, the filmmakers wrote that the film was “born from seeing a lack of diversity in animated projects and also wanting to promote hair love among young men and women of color. It also was born from being an African American man myself and wanting to see more positive images of black fathers and parents in the media.”

In order for Hair Love to move from idea to production Cherry has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the amount of $75,000. “We have our goal set for 75k, but we are really trying to raise 100k to make this project at the highest level we can make it,” Cherry said. We are aiming to do it in the same vein as other Pixar animated short films and as we all know animation is a little more costly than traditional live action projects. Every little bit helps and we are also currently working to include some hair product sponsorships for future rewards and perks. Thanks so much for checking this project out and I hope you’ll help to support it. Thank you.”

You can check out Hair Love’s Kickstarter campaign here.