There’s now a game where you can swat at thirsty hands anxious to touch textured hair like flies. Hair Nah is an online video game that allows Black women relieve the frustrations of having White people touching their hair.

It’s ideal for anyone who’s been tempted to step out of character after their hair’s been mistaken for a petting zoo. The game’s creator Momo Pixel said the idea for Hair Nah came about during a conversation with her boss.

“I was trying to explain what it’s like when someone touches your hair to my bosses, and one of them started trying to imitate it,” she said. “He was ducking and swatting. While watching him I was like, ‘This would make a hilarious game.'”

“I tried to pull inspiration from all of us,” Pixel told us. “So there is one style that is made to look like Maxine Waters. One to look like ya auntie. One looks like Megan Good. One is ‘the big chop.’ Or the look you have when you get a fresh relaxer.”

Solange would be proud.