My kitchen also serves as an apothecary. It’s full of natural, medicinal wonders that keep my skin and hair immaculate. Store-bought hair goods are great (and necessary), but occasionally your tired tresses need an organic boost. Check out these tried, tested and approved at-home hair masks.

Softening – For brittle natural tresses, grab some unrefined organic coconut oil and mix it with even parts of extra virgin olive oil and castor oil. Squeeze most of the water out of your hair before applying. Evenly distribute the mixture and saran wrap your mane for an overnight session.

Relief for flaky scalp – Remove the pit from a fresh avocado and mash contents until there are no chunks left. Add sweet almond oil to the mixture and slather onto your tresses. Leave for 30 min, and shampoo and condition as normal.

General conditioning – Use a blender to blend two bananas and a tablespoon of organic honey. Apply to hair and rinse after 30 min.

Strengthening – Combine plain greek yogurt with one whole egg. This easy mix packs a mean protein punch!

Shine – Believe it or not, just like your face, your hair needs exfoliation. Combine one fresh avocado with 1 tbsp lemon juice and 1 tsp of sea salt. The mixture will revitalize dull tresses.