In an effort to accelerate the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and strike a strong blow against the digital divide that has plagued both the U.S and global markets, Haiti is hosting what organizers are describing as the largest annual gathering of innovators addressing humanity’s grandest challenges.

The Haiti Tech Summit is a 13-year initiative of the Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE)- which hosts the world’s first and largest online digital accelerator across 7 global regions- Caribbean, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, America. GSE aims to bring its digital network of global speakers and partners to target emerging markets and spark startup ecosystems in places that need impact and innovation.

Forbes-recognized entrepreneur and Christine Souffrant Ntim is the mind behind this event, which she told EBONY has three primary goals:

(1) Create an annual gathering point of tech innovators, influencers and entrepreneurs addressing humanity’s grandest challenges

(2) Provide a central platform for showcasing advances in exponential technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Drones and Space tech

(3) Forge an annual partnership exchange that furthers global objectives in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

“We need to stop the negative feedback loop that features countries like Haiti as a land of devastation and destruction. As the first black republic, Haiti has a profound history of empowerment, leadership, and innovation. We aim to revive that image and place Haiti as a central point of innovation within tech, impact and entrepreneurship” says the founding organizer  Souffrant Ntim.

Among the presenters at this event is our own Editor-in-Chief Kyra Kyles who created this publication’s The Upload series in order to highlight people of color making tremendous technology strides.

“It is an honor to be invited to address a group working diligently toward improving the lot of Blacks in technology on a global scale,” Kyles explains.  “And to do it in a place that deserves much more nuance and complex coverage in the media is a definite added advantage.”

For more information or to attend the event, visit Haiti Tech Summit.