A Black man has been announced as the new U.S. surgeon general…but he was appointed by the superbly oppressive cohort that constitutes Trump administration so that’s awk.

Dr. Jerome Adams was nominated by President Trump and sworn in by Vice President Pence on Tuesday. The 20th surgeon general was also appointed to his previous role by Pence, who formerly presided over Indiana as the state’s 50th governor. There are few things we take pride in as much as a fellow Black American holding prestigious positions. But part of Adams’ speech during his confirmation hearing took inspiration from what’s become one of the most hate-mongering phrases in modern history.

“To borrow a phrase from our president, let’s all work together to make American health great again,” Adams said.



During his hearing, Adams also announced his plan to tackle one of the drug crises that’s garnered compassion rather than criminalization because of its impact on White Americans.

“Our nation is facing a drug crisis,” Adams said in his opening statement last month. “The addictive properties of prescription opioids is a scourge in America and it must be stopped.”

Adams will be seceding Obama appointee Vivek Murthy who stepped down from the position in April after Trump requested he resign. Congrats, I guess…