What’s the deal with Halle Berry’s latest return to the big screen?

Just weeks ago, Berry hit the red carpet of the Oscars to promote her new film Kidnap, which starred the Monster’s Ball actress as a mother willing to do anything to get her child back after he was snatched from the playground. The film was pushed back from its original December 2016 date and was set to open in theaters on today, March 10. But,the release date has since been removed from IMDb and talks of the movie circulating the Interwebs are equivalent to the sounds of crickets. Not to mention, there hasn’t been much promotion surrounding the action-thriller, either.

So, in the words of Nicki Minaj: Halle, what’s good?

According to Shadow and Act, there’s some financial troubles lurking.

Relativity Media, the film’s distribution company, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in mid-2015. The studio did manage to bounce back in March 2016, however, funds were still a bit shaky which resulted in a number of its unreleased film projects being up in the air- Kidnap being among them.


Kidnap is still scheduled for a 2017 release, but an official month and date are unknown.