There's no taking back what one has said to the media, especially for celebrities who might as well consider their words carved in stone. After gong through two very nasty, very public divorces in the past, Halle Berry appeared to have no regrets when she publicly declared that she would never get married again. Of course, some rules are made to be broken in the name of love, at least according to the Academy Award winner herself. "Who knew? I swore it off, right? Never say never, people!" said Berry, while attending the 2012 Jenesse Center Silver Rose Gala this Saturday.

Clearly over everyone's focus on her previous statements, Berry decided to address the skeptics by showing that even international stars are susceptible to matters of the heart. In addition to her fiance Olivier Martinez, Berry also spoke about another love of hers–motherhood. "Being a mother is probably my greatest sense of purpose, but this gives me another sense of purpose outside my own family." Given the traumatic nature of her last two marriages, Berry seems to be cut from the cloth of love first, think later and, honestly, who are we to judge? 

At the end of the day, the heart wants what the heart wants.