You will never truly get to know someone else until you've walked a mile in their shoes. If this is true, then Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry will soon be a very well-known women. This week, Berry launched her own shoe line collection during Paris Fashion Week at Germany's Deichmann shoe chain in Berlin. The line  "5th Avenue by Halle Berry" was released through the company 5th Avenue and features a number of shoes that seem to combine affordability, comfort, and style all in one. While visiting the store, the beauty spoke with Deichmann's Chairman of the board Henry Deichmann, rang up customers, and inspected some of her products on the shelves.

No word on if and when Berry's shoe line will be making its way to the US. Given the number of celebs such as Jessica Simpson and Gwen Stefani who have turned their love for fashion into a full-fledged successful business, Berry would have some high standards to live up to. Between raising her young daughter and acting, the silver screen star might find that adding shoe line to her to-do list is too much to balance. Then again, many celebrities often give their name to a product and retain a large portion of the rights, and in doing so hand off the operation and design duties to more available and capable individuals to keep their business afloat and profitable. Whatever Berry decides, we're sure that most women would buy what the beauty is selling. Now all she needs to do is release the elixir from the fountain of youth she's clearly been drinking from and we'll all be happy customers!

Does Halle Berry have enough style and business know-how to make "5th Avenue by Halle Berry" a household name? Or, are the shoe designs a bit too soccer mom looking for something donning the ultra sexy actress' name?