Halle Berry has shown us year after year that she definitely takes care of her body. Even at 56, she's still serving when it comes to her timeless beauty. To ensure she's always on top of her health and wellness, the actress recently partnered with Pendulum, a brand reinventing health through the gut microbiome,to serve as their chief communications officer.

"My job will be to go out into the community and help people really understand the importance of probiotics, a healthy gut and a healthy microbiome," explains Berry. "It’s something I'm really passionate about, and I think that's why they chose me as the communications officer."

According to the Moonfall star, proper gut health is essential for your body to run at its most optimal level. She emphasizes how it allows you to process and digest your foods better, especially sugar. As a diabetic, she's very conscious about the amounts—and types—of sugar that she consumes daily.

"We all take in sugar, whether we try to or not. And, we need to process it quickly and get out of our bodies. When your gut is healthy, all the other organs in your body are healthier, and it helps with your sleep, metabolism and much more," shares Berry.

Beyond gut health, Berry shares that she maintains a very clean diet, one of the secrets to her aging backwards.

"I've been diligent about eating a balanced diet. I'd rather eat healthy foods and get my vitamins that way, versus taking a bunch of supplements. I'm not really a big snack person these days, but I eat a lot of fish and all types of red meat," divulges the Hollywood star. "My body responds really well to it and I get my iron source that way. If I do snack, it's typically a light popcorn."

As for her fitness routine, she works with her trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, whom she shares constantly switches up her workouts in order to shock her body.

"If you do something over and over, your body gets used to it and you stop reaping the benefits. What I like about our style of workouts is that one day it may Pilates, one day it may be HIIT (high intensity interval training), one day body weight or cardio," says Berry. "He's always mixing it up, so the body is always feeling taxed by whatever it is we may be doing."