Director, screenwriter and actor Lena Waithe took over late-night television while hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday. Waithe's monologue sent social media into a frenzy after a surprise visit from acclaimed actor Halle Berry.

The John Wick: Chapter 3-Parabellum star asked Waithe, "Baby, what can I do for you?"

Waithe offered a nod to Berry's acceptance speech at the 2002 Academy Awards when she replied, "I need some inspiration. Like that Oscars speech you gave, that got me hype. I need you to give me some of that Halle Berry juice."

Offering words of encouragement, Waithe's Boomerang collaborator continued, "Lena, you know I know you, right? We've worked together. So I know that you are a force of nature. You are a beautiful African-American queen. Lena, tonight you are a writer, an actor, a producer and tonight you're a late-night comedian. You're about to slay this show."

She followed up with, "Now, you good or do you need something else?" After Waithe agreed that she was, Berry kissed her on the lips and joked, "Now you're good."

Waithe teased a clip of their kiss on Twitter, which garnered a huge response from social media users.

Planting smooches on Hollywood's finest isn't the only thing that the veteran actress has done to send social media into a frenzy recently.

In March, the 52- year-old mother of two caused hysteria after she debuted a massive back tattoo.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show, Berry told host James Corden that it was a fake. "I am starting a new movie in a few months, so I'm trying out different tattoos to see what will fit best for my character."