Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry appeared in court on Tuesday, where Berry's nanny Alliance Kambem requested a restraining order against Aubry. In her sworn statement, Kambem alleges that Aubry frequently displayed "dangerous and aggressive behavior" towards her, including an instance in which Aubry violently shoved Kambem while she was still holding his daughter Nahla. "I believe that Mr. Aubry resents the court order requiring that he have a nanny," Kambem said. "I am truly fearful he will hurt me and in the process hurt Nahla as well."

Despite these allegations, a Los Angeles County judge found Kambem's grounds for the restraining order were "insufficient and speculative," dropping Kambem's request and advising the family to resolve in family court. Neither Berry nor Aubry has released any statement regarding the matter. The former couple had a heated split in 2010, which ultimately resulted in shared custody of their daughter Nahla.

If Aubry pushed her, why didn't the nanny press charges? Regardless, how scary is the judge's ambivalence here? Would an angry Black baby daddy get off so easy if he were accused of this sort of behavior?