Hamilton, the history lesson on Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton, with a hip-hop twist has been gaining major momentum – so much that the cast of the popular production was invited to the White House for a full day of celebrating the arts in America.
Presented by a multicultural ensemble, the Broadway hit is now being criticized by the Actors’ Equity Association union for verbiage used in a recent casting call which seeks “nonwhite men and women” for upcoming roles in the future versions. The association stated Wednesday that the language was not in compliance with their rules.
The show has since apologized for the casting confusion and will add “we welcome people of all ethnicities to audition.” What’s interesting is that prior to the most recent open casting call, critics were silent when the show was in beginning stages and called for nonwhite actors to portray Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson and Eliza Hamilton. King George III was the only character intended to be fulfilled by a white actor. And yet, there was no controversial outcry.
Perhaps, the modern-styled story wasn’t expected to reach such heights, so the scrutiny was not as heavy.
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