Vanessa Van Dyke's hair is GLORIOUS. It is puffy, fluffy and everything. Lucky for her (and for those of us wise enough to appreciate the sight of a free Black child wearing free Black hair), her parents have encouraged her to rock her bush with pride. So it is particularly infuriating—and heartbreaking—to know that officials at Faith Christian Academy in Orlando threatened the 12-year-old with expulsion if she refuses to "cut and shape" her natural. Though the school has relented, likely due to the national attention that followed a report by local news channel WKMG, we are still disheartened to know that there are people out there sending our children such horrible messages about the hair that grows out of their heads.

That said, is declaring today "Happy Afro Day!" We are celebrating free Black hair in honor of Vanessa and her beautiful bush! Members of the team and readers are posting our favorite Afro pics in solidarity with and support of this awesome little girl.

Vanessa, you rock!  Your attitude rocks, your parents rock and your hair ROCKS! Thank you for being an inspiration to other young people who may be struggling to have the confidence to be free, fly and Afro-fresh!


Submit pics to [email protected] with 1-2 lines explaining why you love your natural hair! Kid pics must include ages and name of the parent/guardian submitting. Also, check out the "We Are Hair for Vanessa Van Dyke" Facebook page!

NOTE: We are taking submissions until 4pm EST on November 27th. Have a happy holiday and a HAPPY AFRO DAY!