From science and sports to politics and performing arts, we’ve had a panoramic and immutable imprint on the creation, aesthetic, uniqueness, and reach of America and American culture. In conjunction with Black History Month, Harley-Davidson recently recognized this impact with the creation and unveiling of the “Journey of The Iron Elite” exhibit — a look at both Black motorcycle culture and the contributions Black Americans have made to “Harley Culture.”

Housed at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Iron Elite exhibit showcases the works of icons like “Sugar Bear” — a man whose unique way of customizing bicycles (“choppers”) has drawn him world-wide praise — expounds on how Black solders returning home from WWI and WWII helped introduce biking to the Black community, and provides a history of renowned Black biker groups such as the Buffalo Riders, the Rare Breed, and the East Bay Dragons.

Although the museum exhibit debuted this month, Iron Elite was first created in 2010 on Harley-Davidson’s website as a way to encourage black bikers to write in and share their stories and experiences. Also, to coincide with the exhibit, Harley-Davidson plans to launch a documentary webseries this year that examines a select group of Black riders.

To learn more about the Iron Elite, visit here:

–Damon Young