Saturday’s women march in New York City marked the second coming of last January’s universal demonstrations initiated by the Women’s March on Washington which protested the misogyny embodied by President Donald Trump. Last year’s marches were best represented by a mere accessory: a pink hat.

P**sy hats were the purportedly empowering reference to the pink hats sported by the flocks of women who descended on the streets of Washington D.C. last year. The hats also became a metaphor for the problematic White feminism which inspired the march. So one can only imagine the extent of the aloofness of one of this year’s protestors when they decided to place a p**sy hat on a statue of Harriet Tubman in New York City’ Black Mecca.

On Saturday, social media users noticed the Tubman statue, which is located on Frederick Douglass Boulevard and West 123rd Street in Central Harlem, was adorned with the pink hat.

Twitter wasn’t about to not read the brazen act for the unabashedly boundless White feminism of which it wreaked.

Dear White feminism and your neon hats: you’ve proven you don’t want our lanes to intersect so stay in yours.