HBCU students are known to dress to impress. It's almost as if every day is a fashion show as students wear everything from luxury labels to thrifted clothing, while still still looking effortlessly fashion-forward. During the Tumblr era from 2010 - 2016, you could find many pages dedicated to HBCU fashion, at every price point, where students would submit photos of themselves rocking sublime designs .

Even on television shows, they were dressed to impress. If you take a look back at the hit television show A Different World, the cast is always dressed to the nines. Whitley Gilbert was always bourgeois chic while Denise Huxtable always stood out for her impressive individual style.

From buying the latest wares to creating their own designs, HBCU students are always on trend. Below, check out some of the fashionable fits from current students at HBCUs.

Image: courtesy of Ilahi Creary

Image: courtesy of Jacob Bellevue
Image: courtesy of Domenique Ross
Images: courtesy of Joshuaa Cole