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NFL’s McCourty Twins Tackle Sickle Cell Disease [VIDEO]

Throughout September, National Sickle Cell Awareness Month, we are revisiting articles that focus on the subject; this one is from September 2014. The beloved aunt referenced in the post and pictured above with her nephews lost her battle with the disease in early 2019.

Photo credit: Instagram

Devin and Jason McCourty, twin brothers and NFL star defensive backs, are tackling an important health issue off the field: sickle cell disease. The disease affects an estimated 100,000 Americans, including a dear family member of the twins, their aunt.

Having witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of sickle cell, Devin and Jason are on a mission to offer support to families and affected individuals by raising awareness and educating the public. In honor of this Sickle Cell Awareness Month, the twins are getting the word out about the disease and its serious complications through a new video.

Devin and Jason encourage patients to stay focused on their health and share how sickle cell disease has impacted their lives.

You can find out more information about the campaign at

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